I wanted to let you know how know grateful L and I both are that we were paired together by you in your matchmaking service. Although we have only been together a couple of months now, I have never been happier or felt more connected to anyone in a relationship. We are a great match for each other on numerous levels. We both have demanding jobs that sometimes require extra time and attn but we get that about each other and allow for this. On the flip side we both really enjoy getting out on the town, attending events and getting together with friends- more than the average person does. This has been super great for both of us to find someone with similar wants where we can share that together. We seem to eerily have similar view on a lot of topics, (even politics where we really aren’t that political) I normally easily understand her point of view on things and where she is coming from. L has said to me there has to be something “scientific” about how we answered the questions on the questionnaire- and how you linked us up. We are not perfect geographically- , we both questioned before our 1 st date if the distance was too far. Safe to say we are both so happy we accepted the date! For me- I have been attracted to L since the 1 st second we met- (Not surprising as she is drop dead gorgeous) but what is truly special is the partnership we seem to have in such a short period of time. She has said that for a relationship to work- you have to be a Team together- and that so resonated with me. I am so glad to have such an amazing teammate. Thank you for your matchmaking skill in putting two people together who don’t seem to fit geographically- but match together so well in so many other ways. We are both thankful we signed up with your service. Enjoy your Holidays- we plan to enjoy ours to the fullest!

Best Regards,