I greatly appreciate her

By Published On: April 4, 2017
Dear Brie,
I am really glad that you chose Kenneth as my third match. Kenneth is a very sweet, handsome, romantic gentleman. Our first date was very relaxing and he is very easy to talk to. We have way more things in common than we realized. It’s actually very weird and shocking. He is very open to trying new experiences and we have ventured out on our second date to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to walk and enjoy nature. Our third and fourth date are this weekend and we both are looking forward to them.
My experience with the matchmaking department was rocky to start. I didn’t know what to expect with this being my first time with the service. I thought I had described what I was looking for but didn’t quiet describe/express my desires. I believe everything happens for a reason and we need to learn and embrace the experiences we have. The first two matches helped me learn how to better communicate to Brie what I was really looking for in a lifelong match. Brie has been very patient and accommodating to my changes in my profile. She listened to me and thought of me when Ken’s profile came across her desk. I greatly appreciate her working her matchmaking skills for me.
I am confirming that I would like to place my membership on hold for now.
With the deepest regards,

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