Finally, a match that works. From our first encounter, I felt a connection with Darryl. His easy going demeanor and gentle nature put me a right at ease and his cheerful personality kept the conversation lively. 

After visiting his home and having him share his Air Force history with me, I was even more impressed by his intelligence and the vast experiences he had documented in several binders. There were accolades from his superior officers, colonels, generals and even an award/metal from the office of the POTUS!  In spite of all these honors, he remains very humble and unassuming.   

He has suffered from health issues but never complains about the limitations caused by them. He keeps himself as fit as physically possible and encourages me to do the same, and I often need a gentle push. 

Developing a relationship during this Pandemic would be challenging for most. But, we have adjusted by having FaceTime conversations daily, taking a 5 hour trip to deliver his bicycle to his grandson who is in the Air Force in Clovis, and spending time at each other’s place every other week.  We are seriously looking forward to many fun and exciting adventures once this virus issue is under control. We enjoy the same interests; astronomy, science museums, traveling and sightseeing, exploring new cuisines, and spending quality time with family. We like to read and spend time on the computer, listen to music and watch movies. Being with Darryl is very comfortable and uncomplicated. I feel very fortunate that we have made this connection and hope it continues to build into a permanent arrangement. 

Therefore, I request that my membership be put on hold until further notice. Thank you for the opportunities you’ve given me thus far.