Hi Holly and Deja,
I am enjoying getting to know Jesus.  He is a kind, caring, sweet, and smart person.  We have enjoyed various activities together, and are enjoying getting to know each other.  WE met for lunch on the first meeting.  We then went to a movie mid week.  The following weekend we ‘hiked’ the Glen Ellen Gardens.  Last Wednesday we met at the Downtown Market.  Yesterday we went to the Gravenstein Apple Fair.  He is re-introducing me to riding a bike, as he is an avid biker.  I am enjoying his company. I want to get to know him more.  And, even though we are enjoying each other’s company, I sense we both work hard to find things to talk about.  Our interests, jobs,  and how we have experienced our lives so far are different.  I have wondered if it is like the differences of how our brains/interests had us chose such different fields…. Engineering vs psychology/teaching.
I do want the membership on hold for a few weeks or a month, so I can give things the best I can give it, without stressing if I will be using up my membership time. I appreciate you working with me.  I appreciate the communication.