Good Morning Jess,

Thank you.  Donna is quite attractive and has a professional background
which I can appreciate.  She has a good sense of humor, very intelligent
and seemed genuinely interested in me.  I hope to see her again soon, but
she has a busy upcoming schedule and will be out of town for a while, so
guess I need to be somewhat patient.  I hope it works out.

You have a difficult job.  I know it cannot be easy trying to match
people, especially seniors like myself who have narrow parameters as to
interests, appearance, etc.  I appreciate the time you have taken.  Donna
is about as close to anyone as I could hope for, but we don’t know each
other very well yet.  Hope she feels the same about me.  I would like to
place my membership on hold until we find out.  Thanks again.

Hope you have a good week!