Happy is not the word for how I feel, I am overwhelmed with joy and thrilled with the woman LLA has found for me. She is everything I could ever want in a woman. After loosing my wife now over 3 years ago, I never thought I could possibly find someone so caring, thoughtful, and loving as her. To say I am in love is an understatement, when this woman hugs me and kisses me I get weak inside, tingles all over and almost a drunken feeling. I hope this feeling never goes away as it it the most intense thing I have ever experienced. As a widower and senior I know now, that there is life after loosing a loved one. I would have never thought this could be possible but it is. The two of us walk around holding hands smiling at the world as if we owned it. I simply can not express my the deep feelings I have for this woman. Thank you all for putting us in touch with one another. Without you I would have never met this incredible woman. I truly hope we can live out our lives together. Thank you, B