I am really enjoying getting to know S. We have seen each other more than 10 times. I really appreciate the fact that she is also on a journey of self awareness and self discovery. We are both night owls and that is great because we talk on the phone for hours about different things. We both agreed that we need to be compromising. We decided about a week ago to do the mundane stuff that occurs in relationships, like picking her up from the airport. We can be flexible and and some times we have to carve out time but we do and we are making it work. We haven’t had any kind of disagreement or debate about anything. It is very odd that we are so similar.

When we discussed what would make it or break, we found out we felt the same about our faith, then found out we go to the same church. So now we attend church together. (We even had a date night meet up at church! So cool!) I have a 9 year old and I don’t like to bring him in too fast. He is tender and emotional, and I don’t want him to go through a breakup. We made arrangements to arrive separately so I could take him to his children’s class, and she was very understanding. It was just great. When I went back to the foyer to find her, it felt like we had done this 100 times before. We had never done it before, but it felt like it was our normal routine.

I could flood this paper with so many good things. It is all so hard to believe. I’m amazed every day and how we have things we like in common too. She understands references that nobody else does! She laughs at the little obscure jokes I make about TV! She gets it! There are so many little things like that. I feel like myself with her, and it’s nice to feel like I am being accepted for my authentic self. We can talk openly an honestly to one another without judgement or condemnation. It is such a natural thing, being with her. If things keep going the way they are we could be one of those couples that you use in a commercial!