I found ‘Samantha’ is what I was looking for, ‘Samantha’ and me have so much in common it’s not even funny we have been to the Beach for the day and brought her flowers, I have cooked dinner for her and watched movies. We have been dating for a Month so far and our relationship just keeps blossoming and as this moment we are now Boyfriend and Girlfriend, we both see a possible for this to go even I dare say marriage, ‘Samantha’ and myself can stop thinking of one another, I gave her a necklace with a heart and I told her that I was giving her my heart and she almost started crying. I did no think you could fall love with some that you get set up on a date with and it is like they have been around you for years, YOU GUYS HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK, I was not going to just date one person but, I fill like she could be the one.

Thank you