By Published On: July 15, 2015

Dear Holly

What I found to be extremely important and desirable about Gunnel, first and foremost is her height and slightly slender build.  I am six two and if a woman is tall and average in every other aspect I will think she is a ” KNOCKOUT”.  She is very active and knowledgeable about sports.  She is a superb conservationist on all matter of subjects. Gunnel is extremely attractive.  I was very fortunate to be with her for lunch a week ago this past Monday.  We are meeting this Friday to play golf.  She may be the “one”!!!  She is very busy and so am I, but things happen when “sparks” fly.  The brief time that we spent together was electric.

Holly I appreciate what you have done as far as being a matchmaker.  I have been with similar companies and found that I was “matched” frequently with ladies who just didn’t meet my expectations, particularly from a height standpoint.  GOOD WORK HOLLY!!!!!!!!!  Tell your boss that you deserve a raise!!!


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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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