Good job matching us together!

By Published On: March 28, 2016
I am very happy with my latest match by Jess.  Mark and I met in my hometown at Oakfire Grill with a wonderful view of Lake Geneva out the restaurant windows.  He was punctual and smiling as I walked into the restaurant. He  seemed nervous and he talked a lot about himself and his family.  He made me laugh as he described driving his mother and aunts around to church and out to dinner.  He showed me photos of his grandchildren and his second home in Tennessee.  He had forgotten his wallet at home so I made a joke about who would pay when he asked me for a date the following Saturday.
Mark is very social and I felt comfortable talking with him from our very first phone conversation.  He made me laugh which broke the ice for me.  He listened to everything I said and always made eye contact.
Mark had to go to work on his home in Tennessee this week and I have had two back-to-back child care conferences I needed to attend.  We have planned another date for next Saturday after we both return.
I would like my membership put on hold while Mark and I get to know each other better.
Mark has met my criteria by being social, compassionate, family man, kind, considerate, churchgoer, handyman, busy, active, humorous, athletic, caring man that I enjoy spending time with.  Good job matching us together!
Thanks, Carolyn

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