First, I would like to say that you have been very easy to work with and have always been responsive to my observations and requests.
M and I met at a nice restaurant a couple of weeks ago. He was very generous and charming and very soon I felt a good connection with him. I’m an extremely cautious person, but M is outgoing and very positive. Over the next two weeks, we have gone out 3 or 4 more times, and he visited me at my home and met my children and grandchildren. Our circumstances are very different, but with a common result – both our homes are multi-generational.  Mine is a bit more crowded, and M’s daughter lives with him and probably always will. We are comfortable with this and will find a way to work around it as we move forward in our relationship and become permanent.
For now, it is a pleasure to spend time with M, to hear of his faith, and to learn about his family.  I would like to place my membership on hold as I explore this new relationship.
Again, you have been very good to work with. All my best to you in your career.
Thank you,