Hi Marie,
David is the first introduction ever since I enrolled the membership. We started our encounter in an unique situation, when I just lost my husband for a month, and he has been frustrated being a singleton for over a year.
We have been open and honest to each other since the day one. And then the physical attraction and chemistry kicked in shortly starting from our 2nd date, which was three days after the first short date. A week later, we went to a camping trip together. David is very passionate, playful, simple yet sensitive. He is very caring and attentative. We moved on quickly and built a very strong and stable trust and emotional dependence. I appreciate that he understood my recent loss of a love of my life but still decided to stay and wait for my readiness. And his companionship and friendship offered what I need at the most difficult time of my life.
Even though only a short time together, we have discussed much about further steps of building our life together, including moving together, visiting parents and some silly talk about having kids together or even marriage possiblity.
Since this is only my first introduction. I have not gone through much of the service process from CA Single. But from my limited experience, I do appreciate the quality and value of the matching process and the staff did show lots of attention.
I will recommend it to my friends at any chances.