The following are a few of the qualities that I appreciate the most about Amy:
Confidence – Amy posses a great deal of confidence in herself and her outlook on life and what she wants to achieve!
Self-respect – I admire her tenacity for health and fitness that reflects a quality of self-respect .
Compassion – Amy has a sincere willingness to relate and understand me,
Loving – Being loving and affectionate towards her family and those close to her.
Kindness, gentleness and a good heart –  Amy is very sensitive, gentle and caring despite all the harshness and arrogant attitude out there in today’s society.
Intelligence and wisdom – Amy possess a great willingness and desire to learn and grow, and to develop a deeper understanding of herself, and the world around her.
Please place my matches on hold and I will contact the office if I need to reactive my membership
Thank you Donni for all your help and for pointing me in the right direction ( my match w/Amy)