Dear Kathrine,

First, in case you decide to share this with others, I want to offer a few words of wisdom. These matchmakers really know what they’re doing. At first I didn’t think so. I was skeptical, and my first introduction left me even more skeptical. I even turned down another introduction because it didn’t sound right, at least not on paper. I began to think maybe this had been a bad idea.

Then they called me about Kristie. On paper, she didn’t seem right for me either. But I accepted the introduction and called her and it’s changed my life. Our first date was magical to say the least. I haven’t connected with anyone that deeply for so long that I had forgotten how wonderful it is. I don’t use the word “soul-mates” lightly; in fact, never in my life have I felt inclined to describe someone as a soul mate – until now. Kristie is fantastic. She’s smart and witty, honest and affectionate, and I truly cherish every wonderful minute that we spend together. Our relationship is still young but I already believe in my heart that she is the perfect companion that I have been seeking my whole life.

So thank you, for bringing Kristie into my life despite my initial misgivings. Clearly you folks look beyond the paper to see the real people you are working for and you are obviously much better at matching people than I imagined.

Please let this letter serve as my official notice to put my account on hold.