February 23, 2015

By Published On: February 23, 2015

Dear Sara,

I appreciate you and the service the agency has given to me.  All of your people have been very pleasant and helpful.  Thank you.

I am at a point now where I need to take some hold time. Frank is really ambitious, and is usually buried in his work.  I actually like that about him.  I like someone who has his own life going, and isn’t waiting for me to entertain him.  Frank is smart, has a good sense of humor, and treats me very well.  I also knew Frank about 35 years ago–in another life!!  It has been fun re-connecting with him.  I had never dated him before so this is new.

I really don’t know the direction we are going, but I know I enjoy spending time with Frank.  I’ll keep you posted.  And thanks again for everything you’ve done.


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