Hi  Brie,

Well  things are looking positive, but we have only been on two dates. We went out to lunch two Saturdays ago and then went out to dinner, very good food and we had a good conversation about both of our families.  Then she invited me up to her Home and we sat and talked for some time, enjoying some wine. Its funny both of us like Pino Grisio and Sauvignon Blanc. Sharon is an very attractive Lady and has a real nice personality also enjoyable and fun to be with.

I did learn her husband passed away 6 days prior to my wife’s passing.

We do have plans this Sunday for lunch and a tour.  She also let me know she would like to got to the Zoo in a couple of weeks.

The only negative thing is if we continue  this and it gets into the Winter months it will be rough on the driving between us.

It will probably be the middle of September to see if she wants to continue our “Dating”   Maybe by then we will  know more about each other.

Thank You,  Bil