Down to earth

By Published On: July 15, 2015
Hi Holly,
        Per your request some of the qualities that I appreciated about Renae.
She was a very attractive Christian woman with a sense of humor similar to mine. She was very easy to talk to and was interested in my past and really cared about what I went through. She was down to earth and our interests were so similar. She liked NASCAR even down to favorite driver, which was cool but not a deal breaker either way. When we were deciding what to eat and I mentioned that I have to watch what I can eat due to my doctor has me on a low carb diet but I could have eaten anything that night since I was careful earlier that day but she was concerned and told me to eat healthy. So I did. She liked camping, hiking, and doing outdoor stuff.
     One of the most touching thing that sort of surprised me was that she asked to give me a hug before we left each other. That was nice after the past year since my wife passed away.
    As far as your service this far you have been doing a great job with the matches to this point.

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