December 31, 2014

By Published On: December 31, 2014


Thank for taking the time this morning to listen to me ramble on about James. James is one of a kind…he is a deeply spiritual man who radiates happiness and self confidence; his smile lights up a room; his personality is delightful; he is ORNERY (which I love); he is energetic and disciplined, a professional, enthusiastic, well rounded, and well educated. In discussions, we are “in sync” with philosophies of how we raised our children, how marriage should be, financial/money practices, what we like to do for fun, where we want to go in our future lives; it is amazing to find so much in common. All of the above, plus his 6′ 1″ healthy stature, make him very attractive to me. He dotes on me and make me feel like the most desired and beautiful woman in the world.

As I told you this morning, one of the surprises we discovered when first talking was that he is the father-in-law to a sister of one of my long time friends! That, combined with our immediate ability to connect personally, have thrilled both of us.

Thank you again for introducing us. I would like to really get to know this man. Put me on hold…maybe I will call or e-mail you before long and tell you of more “engaging” plans? Thank you again.

Best regards,

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