December 29, 2014

By Published On: December 29, 2014


There are already so many things I can say about Amy.  She is the sweetest person I have ever met.  She is thoughtful, understanding, and caring.  She has a fantastic personality.

She cares about me.  I feel like the most fortunate man on earth whenever I am with her.  I have never met anyone quite like her and I would do anything for her.  She makes me feel that way.  I am so relaxed and satisfied when I am with her.  I believe this relationship will last the rest of our lives.

Working with you and your matchmaking department has been a delightful experience.  I have had nothing but a positive and uplifting attitude from all of you right from the start.

I like working with you very much, but that is not the main thing I needed from you.  I needed to find the right lady in my life.  I am convinced I found her, or you found her for me.

I am ready to give Amy my all and that is because of you.

Thank you for your help in me finding Amy in my life.

Yes, I want you to place my membership on hold.



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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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