December 20, 2014

By Published On: December 28, 2014
Dear Marie,
What I appreciate about Wayne is he is a sincere gentleman, kind, down to earth, smart, talkative and light hearted, manly but nurturing. I like that he is easy going and a good listener, insightful and practical with a good sense of humor and able to be spontaneous and open -and I feel comfortable to be myself around him.
Thank you Marie for your sweet encouragement, sincerity, gentleness, and ability to understand me and believing enough in your selection process to dare to give me someone who isn’t “a regular attender” Christian because you felt strongly about Wayne because you knew him. ( This will still be a subject to see how it plays out, but even so I consider and hope for Wayne to be open to the wonderful life of knowing and growing in Jesus on a personal level so that we may be “equally yoked”). You took me from doubtful and discouraged to wanting to continue trying and hanging in there. I’m glad I did!
Officially am asking to place my membership on hold.
Thank you,

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