Joy and I just met last Friday and hit it off almost right from the start.  Some of the big things that created such an instant attraction is our mutual belief that communication, honesty and loyalty are three of the important building blocks in creating and maintaining a long term relationship.  We also seem to share many other qualities and values (too many to list) that seem to make this a perfect match.  The fact that we are a little “older” and came in with a clear vision of what we were both looking for and feel we have found it in each other, we are excited to develop our relationship from there.
I have been so pleasantly surprised by my experience with Singles.  From the first phone call, the initial meeting I had in person, to the conversations with Ray and the matchmaking team, the best two words to describe them are awesome and professional.  If you are truly interested in finding a partner and believe that matchmaking is not a game, Wisconsin Singles in the one and only phone call you need to make.
At this time I would like to put my membership on hold so Joy and I can continue to build on the foundation of the relationship we have started.
Thank you for this match!