August 26, 2014

By Published On: August 26, 2014
Hi Marie!
Sorry for the delay in responding, but I have been so busy spending time with Paul. It has been non-stop. We met July 25th, it was dinner and back to his place to watch comedy videos and listen to music. That is when I knew we had things in common.   Wait! let me back up!!
Paul called me earlier in the week and we talked about our schedules and couldn’t come up with a date to meet. My first eye brow rise was when I told him I almost called him to ask if he wanted to go and listen to some live Latin Jazz and he responded: “Yes!!” – I knew… We decided that August 8th would be the day to meet and go to the San Jose Jazz Festival. I had a best friend coming in from Portland, Oregon. I was going to spend some time with Ted and his family, who I have known for 40 years. Ted decided to spend some time with some of his other friends and that gave me a chance to call Paul on that Friday, July 25th and told him that I had not gone to work “let’s get together”. He immediately said yes. Here comes the funny part. Both him and I ran out to get our cars washed, we both thought it would not be cool to go out on a date in a dirty car. lol!  As I mentioned above, went out to dinner Friday, the next day was the movies and more comedy movies at his place.
The following weekend, August 4th, I had plans with my friend Ted and it was a get together with his family reunion. I attended, they asked me about my love life, I told them about Paul. Here we go again, the family reunion was in San Jose, what a coincidence. So, Ted’s family right away said invite him over. Paul showed up and they absolutely loved him.
Let’s back up again..second date: I met his parents and they were very welcoming and we had a lot in common.
Going back to the weekend of August 4th I met his son and family (2 grandkids), his daughter and her boyfriend.
Weekend of August 8th, we spent the whole weekend together at the San Jose Jazz Festival along with his parents. By the end of the weekend, his father told me I was family….wow!
Paul is absolutely an amazing guy, he is not shy, which I love. Talks to everyone, which I love. He is crazy, which I love. He is himself and does not hold back, which I love. He is sensitive, caring, loving, he can cook. Loves camping, which we still have to do. When we go out we truly enjoy ourselves. Paul loves to hold hands and cuddle, what more can I ask for. And for the music, we both have the same taste. HE IS A CLONE OF ME, but he has hair on his chest – I don’t! lol!
Marie, you were amazing! I really enjoyed talking to you and making you laugh. Believe me, I know you worked hard to get me “Mr. Right” and bingo! you did! I never had a bad experience. Yes, maybe at times I wanted to give up, but with faith and patience it came through.
Marie, keep doing what you do, you have an awesome personality and charisma. You have a way with people.
I would love to keep in touch and keep you up to date with my love life with Paul.
You Rock!!!
28 x 2 = lol!

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