Lucy, thank you so much for the matches that you have introduced me to.
Carol has been very intriguing and I would like to get to know her a bit better, so with that being said I’d like to place my membership on hold at this time.
Carol has been very communicative as far as when we set up a meet she was running behind and let me know and the conversation from that part continued in a light hearted manner.
I met Carol at the Tower Café in Sacramento, she called to let me know that she had arrived and I was parked close to her and told her that I was looking at her and we first met in  the parking lot.
We both have schedules that are hard to work around but we have already set up dates and times for other dates and activities.
I like the fact that Carol is athletic and in shape and also is enjoying her life to the fullest.
Thanks again Lucy
I can’t say at this point if Carol is my destiny but time together will determine that.