August 20, 2014

By Published On: August 20, 2014

Kathrine I can tell you that Val is on of the most accomplished people I know regardless of gender.  She is unflappable and upbeat even in challenging situations.  After knowing Val for one week I had a racing incident at 160 MPH that destroyed all my equipment and broke my hand, her reaction was appropriate and helpful.  Our lifestyles are in sync to a degree that I would not have imagined possible until now.  I was physically attracted to her within minutes of our meeting.


Working with you as a matchmaker has been good.  My other three dates were, to be kind, heavy set.  Meeting someone that has more interest in idea’s and concepts than things is also way up on my list, only one of the other three fit this desire.  The good news is that all I need is one good match and I think we have arrived.


I gleefully request to have my membership put on hold.


Thank you,


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