April 8, 2013

By Published On: April 9, 2013
Hi, Megan
On an exceedingly superficial level: Les has a mustache (which is a definite plus!); he’s a Scorpio, which includes being a gentleman with a momentary hesitation anytime we brush up against differences – he’s a basketball fan while I prefer baseball, for example. He has a good smile which spends most of its time in hiding, though I teased it out once or twice. He works with people – always a challenge – and seems to enjoy doing so, which says that he isn’t a hermit, however much he’d like to be. He cares for/about his children – tries to hide it but to no avail.  I didn’t feel any fireworks, although I did feel immediately comfortable. The moment he reached out and laced his fingers with mine spoke volumes although I’m not, yet, certain where this story is going.
I would like to place my membership on hold long enough to figure out where Les and I are going from here. If anywhere. 
I found Megan to be attentive and responsive. I was a bit put off when I called the first time and had to leave a message: I wasn’t expecting to be asked my age! After some thought I think I figured out why that is a factor. It appears that Megan reviews a client profile in some depth and that she has the ability to pull together two people who are compatible if not combustible.  Being told how to behave at this stage of life seems a bit odd; however, if I were any good at it I wouldn’t need Megan and her co-workers to help me find someone who might be willing to share the rest of my life with me!
Thanks, Megan. 


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