April 6, 2015

By Published On: April 6, 2015


Again, I would like to thank you for introducing me to Larry.  He is everything I love and appreciate in a man.  He is a true gentleman.  He always is making sure that what we do is something that I like, too. We have had three dates and each one was better than the other.  We like many of the same things and we are both open to learning and trying what the other likes.  We both like to talk, so we have learned a lot about each other in the short time we have spent together.

Even though I was having my doubts that you would be able to find a match for me, you came through with exactly the kind of man I have been looking for my whole life.  You were always cheerful when I talked to you and kept assuring me that you would find the right match for me.  You were right.  Thank you for what you have done and keep up the good work.  Please place my membership on happy hold. Emoji


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