Hi Kathrine,

I want to put my membership on hold because I only want to spend time with Frank. He is a very kind-hearted gentleman, generous, considerate, intelligent, and a good listener. Although he is serious and responsible, he also has a playful, adventuresome side which I apparently bring out in him. Yay! We have similar family backgrounds so we can readily understand each other’s issues and coping styles. He is very empathetic and sensitive, which is quite uncommon in my experience. He is also open-minded and tolerant of different viewpoints, which is important to me. He also has a good sense of humor, appreciating silliness and absurdity, as well as more subtle types of humor. I can’t imagine ever running our of things to talk about with Frank. I think his work is fascinating; we both love to read, we enjoy similar types of music, we both like quirky off-beat movies, and I’m sure we will discover many other interests to share as time goes on. It would appear that we also have chemistry although this has not been treated out much yet. In short, he is everything I was looking for in a life partner, and I am very excited to get to know him better.

Thank you for introducing me to Frank. You have completely changed the course of my life. What an exciting thought!

Thank You,