April 18, 2013

By Published On: April 18, 2013
I enjoy Tom as he allows us to have a conversation together – in that we are both talking to each other – rather than the gentleman talking at me.  Tom and I keep up with each other in conversations – in that we can talk about things and have the subject change quickly and keep going.  He and I share a lot of laughs.  I find Tom to be funny.  Tom is respectful of me and is asking questions straight forward about what I like or not as I do him.  We are getting to know each other so time will tell if we are a match.
Please place my membership on hold.  Tom and I need miore time to explore each other – both of us are going to be out of town the next 2+ weeks and intend to continue dating and getting to know each other better when we return to our respective homes.

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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