April 11, 2013

By Published On: April 12, 2013

Hi Lucy,

I was beginning to think that I would never find someone that I could spark up a relationship with, and I was starting to think it was time to just give up. Then there was your positive attitude that assured me he is out there, and we just have to find him. Then you strongly encouraged me to meet Jody, and all I can say is, boy can you pick them! The night I met Jody he really did not want to meet for a coffee date.  His preference was to meet for dinner so we could have time to have a real conversation instead of a 30 minute superficial one. When we had our initial phone conversation, I had mentioned to him I was going out of town to see my son in an event he was participating in. Then when we met for the first time, I must say he threw me for a loop, as the first thing he asked me about was how my sons’ event went and if I had a good time! Who would have thought meeting a man for the first time face to face he would show interest in me and my family! Jody is totally different than other men I have met.  He makes me feel very comfortable and at ease, and he really listens when I am talking and shows interest in what I am sharing. I am very comfortable just being completely myself, up front and honest with him. We talk for hours effortlessly, and If we are not careful, time slips away from us.  Flirtation just comes naturally for us with no effort needed whatsoever.  Lucy, Jody can make me laugh uncontrollably, and he makes me feel very special all at the same time. One example, I believe it was our fourth date, and after dinner we took a walk in the park and it was getting dark. Jody stops and says in a very serious voice “Lisa, I am getting scared of the dark will you please hold my hand”? I could keep going on for we have many special moments such as this. I’d say we are friends first and foremost, but definitely moving past that stage into a blissful exclusive/committed relationship. One adjective that I tend to use a lot in describing our time spent together is “magical”. 


Lucy, you have been instrumental in matching us of course because you are our matchmaker, but it’s so much more than that. Similarities in our lives are downright uncanny! Especially in regards to our late spouses.  We absolutely have sparks between us, along with a strong connection and bond as we have experienced many of the same things. You really hit the nail on the head. I got the feeling from you that we really needed to meet each other even though we were both quite discouraged, but this match was somehow “special”. You hadn’t been my matchmaker for very long, but you seemed different and totally dedicated to finding the right person for me, and it happened quite fast! Also, my sessions with Heather really helped me to see things differently, lighten up, and truly increased my confidence.  So to sum it up, whatever your intuition was it totally worked!! :-)) I can’t thank you enough!


With all this said I would like to put my membership on hold because I would like to get to know Jody on a deeper level. Thank you again for everything. 


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