April 1, 2014

By Published On: April 1, 2014

Hi Donni,

I would like to put my membership on hold, I do not know if she is doing this or not. I did not say anything to her about this, I like her but do not know if things are going well or not and only know when we do go out I enjoy her company very much. She is very easy to talk with and agree with what we talk about. I just wish we had more time together but understand she has a daughter that comes first. She is a very kind lady that knows what she wants in life and I believe she will be very good at any thing she puts her mind too. I just want to take a brief brake and think about how I can stop this becoming a friend ship thing. I enjoy making anyone with me feel very comfortable and safe, even my guy friends told me that they feel that I well have there back if some thing would happen when they are out with me. 
I like that but I want more if that sounds selfish, then I’m sorry. I just need time to think things over and stop being so scared to just kiss the person with out thinking things will turn bad. Sounds stupid and feel stupid to say this.  For you I enjoy talking to you and I always go by your rules when I call in but do not see this going both ways with the ladies that I take out. The age that I said is not always correct in that 3 of the ladies are older then I asked to see but under stand this is just a basic to go by. Between my VERY stressful work environment and my week end with the people that I am set up with I am just stressed out to much at this time. Again I do not know if she is doing this or not, I wish she would but did not tell her this. I think too much and just think she may not wanted to see some one my age!
Thank you for every thing and wish you the best.
Take Care

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