An outstanding job

By Published On: April 17, 2017
Hi Matchmakers,

Just wanted to tell you that this has been an interesting journey.  I am currently seeing David and am enjoying his company, humor, sensitivity, warmth, patience, warm brown eyes, life stories, friends, and family.  I would like to take some time to get to know him exclusively until I get back to you.

I have to say that Deja is doing an outstanding job.  I have really enjoyed meeting my 3 men so far.  David #1 is a very sweet man and I consider him a friend, I can’t help but be impressed by his good heart.  When I told Deja that I am looking for a more intellectual man, she had me go out with David #2.  Very bright and attractive and enjoyed his company immensely.  So Deja found David 3 (are all of the guys my age named David?) who is outside my age specifications and we have had lots of fun and his friends and family love him. I am really happy that I have met these wonderful men that respect my feelings. Deja has good instincts and the only problem I see is that if every man is so much better than the last, I have to meet the next one!

Thank you so much for helping me rediscover romance.  Let me enjoy my time with David Jewell.  He is amazing.  I will let you know if/when I need your expertise again.


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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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