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By Published On: June 22, 2015
It has been a real blessing getting to know ‘Neil’! We are going to have our 3rd date this weekend and we have talked on the phone 3-4 times. We are both talkers and talk endlessly!
‘Neil’ seems to be a great Christian man, a very good father to his 3 adult children, and was a faithful husband for 25 years before his marriage broke up 5 years ago. He is kind, compassionate and loves to help others. He is also a good listener and an excellent communicator. He is a very hard worker, very successful, smart and educated. He has a fulltime job in healthcare management, but also a very successful side business in real estate development where he partners with his oldest son and they buy and fix up properties to rent or sell.
‘Neil’ is a nice looking man who is very physically fit like me and works out 3-5x weekly. He cooks and likes to eat healthy!
We have so many things in common as listed above plus our fathers are both lawyers, we grew up in families with farms, we like pets, and our kids attended the same Edmond high school and he lived in Edmond, like me, for 25 years.
I couldn’t have found a better match. Thanks, Lorena! So, I do want to put my membership on hold status while I continue to get to know ‘Neil’.
You have been an excellent matchmaker. You really listened to what I wanted, and when it wasn’t quite right with the 1st man you suggested you didn’t pressure me to met him anyway, just said we would “do better next time”. Then, this 2nd try was a real success. It has truly been a pleasure working with you.
Sincerely, ‘Carie’

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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