Dear Jessica,

This is to confirm that I do wish to place my membership on hold–for now. Michelle is a terrific person with whom I turn out to have a great deal in common. (We even grew up in the same place, as we’ve both discovered. This is quite the coincidence.) I appreciate many things about her: she, for example, a warm and affectionate person. I also greatly appreciate that fact that she is highly educated–trained as an MD and a psychiatrist, no less.

Whatever you did or however you managed to suspect that by introducing me to Michelle good things would result, I’m certainly happy and grateful about that.  It’s still a little too soon to conclude that I won’t require your matchmaking skills again,  but for now things look good. You’ve been great to work with: your sense of humor, a cheerful and positive attitude and your patience in explaining to me how membership and placing it on hold works are all much appreciated.