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By Published On: March 3, 2016


You requested me to describe the qualities I appreciate about Dennis, they are:

We are both Baptist, and our views and beliefs are very much the same.

He has been considerate and thoughtful, opening car door for me and very polite.

Easy to talk to.

Was at a family gathering of mine and mixed well and very comfortable being around people

Never has inappropriate or off color comments or actions.

Dennis loves to cook, and probable cooks better than me. However, I am not use to MEN cooking and cleaning up around the Kitchen.  This isn’t a bad thing, LOL but this is strange for me to have someone cook this way.

And Nicole has been very pleasant and helpful to me in the process of finding a personal match for me.  I have only had two matches so far, but I feel she has done a great job.

Although I enjoy spending time with Dennis, I am not sure if at this time it will become a PERFECT match.

Thank you


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