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Dating Pro, Relationship Learner, Self-Care Explorer, and Connection Seeker

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We have grouped your responses into four different areas: dating, relationships, self-care, and deep human connection. Using these four areas, we can examine which areas of your life you are excelling in, and which areas need some focus and attention.


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Part 1: Your Dating Score

Dating Skills & Confidence

Wow, you are The Dating Pro

Congratulations! You’ve proven to be a genuine dating pro. Creating an outstanding first impression is second nature to you. Your remarkable ability to connect with new people and navigate social situations sets you apart. Pre-judgment has no place in your approach, highlighting your open-mindedness and welcoming demeanor.

Second dates, third dates? No problem. You’re prepared and enthusiastic about investing your time and energy in a quality candidate. Your practice of asking open-ended questions and maintaining curiosity reflects your commitment to exploring endless possibilities on your journey to finding love.

Beyond your innate curiosity, you recognize the significance of continuous growth and learning opportunities. As a dating pro, you actively seek new ways to forge deeper connections with your dates, embracing the evolving dynamics of the dating landscape.

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Part 2: Your Relationship Score


Oh no, you are The Relationship Learner

In the realm of romantic relationships, you’ve faced challenges and learned along the way. Communication and setting boundaries might not have been easy, and conflicts might have been a bit rocky. However, these experiences have become opportunities for growth.

You understand that relationships are a continuous journey with highs and lows. While you may not yet have a clear understanding of the traits for a healthy connection, you recognize the importance of self-reflection and personal development.

Even though confidence in relationship dynamics might have taken a hit, you’re open to learning and improving. You value acquiring new skills to enhance future connections, be it on a physical or emotional level. As a Relationship Learner, your resilience and openness to growth set the stage for a more enriching romantic journey ahead.

Part 3: Your Self-Care Score

Self-Care Skills

Needs work! You are a Self-Care Explorer

Recognizing that self-care is an ongoing journey, your current experience serves as a starting point for exploration. While your self-care routine may not be as established, there’s room for growth and improvement. Nurturing oneself may not come naturally, but the path to well-being is a learning process.

In the face of stress, there’s an opportunity to build resilience and understanding, acknowledging the importance of breaks and cultivating a positive mindset. Enhancing self-awareness can become a focus, gradually recognizing and honoring personal needs while setting boundaries for mental and emotional preservation.

While the basics of self-care are a foundation, there’s potential for going the extra mile. Exploring activities that bring joy and fulfillment, be it mindfulness, hobbies, or moments of self-reflection, can open doors to self-nourishment. Additionally, understanding that self-care is not a solo endeavor is crucial. It involves reaching out for support, seeking assistance, and being open to learning more about oneself and core needs.

As a Self-Care Explorer, your journey is just beginning, and every step forward is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

Part 4: Your Connection Score

Deep Connection

Okay, this is rough. You are a Connection Seeker

Authentically and comfortably connecting with others can be challenging, and you’re on a journey to improve in this area. Acknowledge the effort you’re putting in! While building connections, you may find it challenging to remain confident when responses aren’t immediate. Intimacy, whether physical or emotional, may be an area for growth, and the exchange of love might not come as freely.

Although you strive to connect with others, you may encounter difficulties in finding the same quality in a romantic partner. The desire for a meaningful and deep connection is there, but identifying the qualities in a potential partner ready for a similar bond might be a challenge.

As a Connection Seeker, your willingness to learn and grow in this aspect of your life is commendable. With guidance and a focus on self-improvement, you’re on the path to developing deeper and more meaningful connections.

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